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Improve Efficiency

Single end-to-end solutions to increase business efficiencies and reduce operating costs.

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Enhance Visibility

Complete visibility for empowered decision-making and synchronized operations on a global scale.

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Increase Productivity

A software suite of productivity tools to provide operators with a scalable solution to manage workforce needs.

Software Solutions for Travel and Accommodation Management

We make management of industrial construction projects, travel and remote accommodation logistics cost effective and time efficient. We see the big picture and the tiny details, seamlessly connecting all aspects of your project with practical, fully customizable, integrated software solutions.

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About Us How we’re different

  • Market-leading Products

    Gemstone is a market leader, trusted by the biggest names in the oil and gas, hydro, construction and hospitality industries.

  • Comprehensive Set-up and Support

    When you become a client, we provide extensive training and seamless data migration, so you can hit the ground running.

  • Proven Track Record

    We demonstrate the value of our products and services, with real-world examples of how our clients save time and money.

  • Industry Expertise

    We have built software specifically to help solve the challenges faced by organizations just like yours.

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Global locations

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Multi-disciplined individuals

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End-to-end software solutions

Case Studies Success stories

Remote Camp

Case Study RFP Success for Gold Mine

Gemstone Success at Ontario Gold Mine

BHP Jansen Project - CIRYS Case Study - Gemstone Logistics

Case Study BHP Jansen Project

How CIRYS succeeded at Jansen Potash Mine.

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Case Study Gemstone Travel Logistics Recovers Thousands of Dollars

Travel credit management saves hundreds of thousands of dollars for a Gemstone client.

Clients Trusted by these market leaders

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