Innovative feature by Gemstone helps remote lodge achieve goal of 98% occupancy. 


ATCO’s Two Rivers Lodge is a remote camp housing 2500 remote workers at the Site C Dam project in Fort St. John, BC. The lodge consists of 26 three-story dormitories. 


ATCO was already using Gemstone Logistics’ accommodation management software, CampWare to manage the camp and maintain oversight. However, housekeeping tasks were still being delegated and recorded using a manual spreadsheet system, which led to significantly increased operational costs. In particular, the system caused large logistical problems on Tuesdays, when one-third of the camp undergoes shift changes due to charter flight schedules. As a result, a significant supply of overflow housing was required for these days. 


CampWare’s open architecture allowed our developers to create a fully streamlined mobile housekeeping system for ATCO. The system logically and automatically assigns tasks to iPads or mobile devices, prioritizes check-outs on busy days, and can be updated in real-time as tasks are performed and rooms become available. It has quickly become the single point of communication for a widespread team of housekeeping staff spread throughout the facilities. 

Outcome / Results

  • Improved communication times, allowing for rooms to be flipped more quickly. 
  • Significantly reduced time spent on delegating and organizing tasks. 
  • Eliminated inefficiencies in staff workflows, including decreasing the travel distance between rooms and tasks.  
  • Increased occupancy to 98% (even on the busiest days for housekeeping staff). 
  • Reduced the need for overflow rooms and allowed ATCO to close 5-7 dorms. 
  • Delivered a full return on investment within three weeks. 

As a result, the mobile housekeeping feature in CampWare significantly lowered the operating costs of ATCO’s Two Rivers Lodge.